Sorry Forgive Excuse SMS Messages

Sorry Forgive Excuse SMS Messages

The Weak Can Never Forgive.

F o r g i v e n e s s

Is The Attribute

Of The

S t r o n g.


I know i’m not a perfect friend,
You’re broken heart, i’ve tried to mend.
Instead i made you hurt and cry,
Maybe i should say goodbye
Would it be better for me to go?,
I asked you, and you said “No”.
Why say no when i hurt you so bad,
But believe me,
you’re not the only one that’s sad.
I made my best friend hurt like mad,
If i left would you be glad..?
Deep in my heart,
I’ll always know,
I’ll love you always,
Even if i go!


The stupid neither forgive nor forget;

the naïve forgive and forget;

the wise forgive but do not forget.


I feel sorry for the man who marries you…

because everyone

thinks you’re

sweet and you’re not…


Yes, I felt ashamed 4 what I had done…
I don’t have any excuses.
I did what I did…
I take full responsibility for myself and my actions…
I wouldn’t pawn this off on anybody.
I’m sorry it happened.
& I hurt people. ..


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