Islamic SMS Holly SMS Quran Quotes Free SMS Messages

Islamic SMS Holly SMS Quran Quotes Free SMS Messages

Lets establish among ourselves and…
obey by heart the laws of Allah to lead a disciplined life
and lets pray for the prosperity of the whole world.


When earthly help is no avail..
There s 1 friend who will never fail.
Just lift ur eyes, The answer is there,
For nobody knows the power of prayer.
*Have a worry free day*


Search for truth and u shall find beauty,
Search for beauty and u shall find love,
Search for love and u shall find God,
Search fo r God and u shall have them all!


Falling in l0ve with da Lord is the greatest romance;
searching HIM, is the greatest adventure;
Finding HIM, the greatest achievement;
and being with HIM…
The greatest source of happiness.


In God’s eyes, Love is nver absent.
In Gods heart forgiveness is never impossible.
In Gods embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten.
God Bless!


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