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Birthday Ideas and Birthday Wishes

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The sights and sounds, smells and tastes connected with birthday activities can really elevate the senses and appreciation factor to keep the birthday “guest of honor” raving about their birthday experience. The more enjoyable the activity the more memorable the Birthday. For many, special birthday are times with family and friends doing stuff that excite, relaxes or engages the “guest of honor” in the company of others who are also enriched by the experience is taken to a new level of pleasure and fulfillment.

Birthday Ideas For babies and Toddlers

Parties are a great way to celebrate and enjoy birthday activities. Simple preparation of activities or games beforehand can create the best opportunity for a really thrilling birthday celebrations. Try to select games that can be played either in doors or out of doors. To help your games selection you should consider the age of the child and you could also work with the young “guest of honor” before hand to plan appropriate games. Here is a collection of exciting birthday wishes.

Birthday Ideas For pre teens

As children get older their thirst for adventure and exploration increase. It is therefore important to consider activities beyond the conventional home based party of the babies and toddlers to engage curious minds. High energy birthday activities such as rock climbing, dancing, skating or soccer are great ways to stimulate increase interest in a particular fields of endeavour.

Birthday Ideas For Teenagers

For the young thrill seeker the invigorating challenge of outdoor pursuits birthday activities really lift the birthday experience to a heightened sense of exhilaration: For the rugged and adventurous the adrenaline pumping experience of birthday activities like bungee jumping, absailing or tandem hang-gliding are bound to create a long lasting impact well beyond the birthday experience. For those with a preference for the indoors sky diving, wall climbing, Laser “tag” can provide the ultimate in birthday entertainment.

Birthday Ideas For Her

The appeal of an image makeover session to enhance, rejuvenate and refresh combined with a glamorous photo shoot is a great way to create a memorable birthday experience with vivid or subtle colors and styles to bring out the personality of the “guest of honor”. If this is too much fussing about then what about the soothing fragrances and treatments of a health spa to relax and revitalize. Here is some exciting collection of love poems for her.

Birthday Ideas For Him

The thrill of extreme adventure birthday activities with the sights and sounds of the motor sport race track or the white knuckle ride of white water rafting can bring a real buzz to the birthday experience or some birthday wishes can be helpful. Males with a more gentile disposition can enjoy the delights of more laid back birthday activities like a golfing weekend trip with friends to de-stress with the calming smell of a sea breezes and the banter of pleasant conversation to take your mind to a special place of peace and tranquility.

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Birthday Is a Special Gift

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Dear customer we have processed

your request for making all your dreams true.

You may now enter the land of your dreams,

Enjoy each and every minute of it.


OOpes its a dream

Have a blastic Birthday.


Birthday is a very special gift from GOD.

May God opens the gate of blessings, peace

love and beautiful life.

May you receive all these blessing,

And may all that you want

become yours.

Happy Birthday.


I may be far away from you

But you are the only resident of

my only heart…

So I am wishing a great

Birthday to the only resident of my

heart. May you live in my heart


Happy Birthday.


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Bunch Of Beautiful Words

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When sun shines,

And birds fly to the east

May your wishes come true

When moon appears

May you receive blessings

When night falls

May it takes away all the problems

May you live long and happy life

Happy Birthday.


Bunch of beautiful words for you.

Dont feel sad when you wake up

and find yourself one year older.

Feel happy about that because

you become wiser, mature and

more beautiful. Be happy

Have a nice Birthday.


Never get worried about

the size of the gifts you receive

Its a token of love, a happy moment

and nothing else…

And this is the greatest acheivement

that we receive love from any one.

Happy Birthday.


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On Your Birthday

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May you get all the things and

love, you were wishing for,

On your birthday…

All the happiness

All the success

All the dreams

May you have more

and more gifts, more

than your expectations

Happy Birthday To You.


Wish You Lovely Birthday

In today’s busy life

Never take your loved ones

for granted, never stop telling

them how much you love and

care, never resist in telling them

whats in your heart…

And for this, Birthday is the best day

So I have chosen your birthday

to tell you how much I love you

and pray for you for your success.

Happy Birthday.


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Birthday Wishes For You

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It is your day today,

So you have right to know

that you are very special person

So special things in the universe are for you.

I wish you God’s special blessings.

Many happy returns of the day.


Today is your birthday.

Besides this cake, party and gifts,

we are celebrating a Sweet person’s birthday

Who cares about others, never let his family down

and fill the gaps in our heart with happiness.

May you live long.

Happy Birthday.


When you were born,

A star drop from the sky

I wish you shine like a star, pave your way to

your destiny and live life humbly.

And prove to this world that you

were born to do a great job.

So when you die, you would be the only

one laughing and everybody would be crying.

Happy Birthday.


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Do Good And Be Good

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Always be good for others

As your face reflects your deeds

what you have done in the whole

life. Your face at young age is

the face which God gave you

but the face at old age is the

face you earned in whole life.

Do good and be good

to stay young and beautiful.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday.


A Nice Birthday Wish

Feel the positivity around you

and neglect the negativities of life.

May God bless you with

happy life, full of colors

and shades. May God never

let any harm and pain effect you

and protect you from all dangers.

Wish you best of the best in future.

Happy Birthday Dear.


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Happy Birthday Wishes For My Friend

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Wishing someone is a person to person and

gradual consideration of an interactional ways

of habit. Only saying Happy Birthday won’t count

towards wishing someone with all your heart.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday my Friend.


May our friendship lasts forever,

as it’s a lifetime agreement between two persons to care,

trust, love and sacrifice for each other…

Thank God that you came to planet earth to be my besty…. :D

Happy Birthday My friend.


Hey listen I got my past

Present and future tenses

and grammar correct yesterday.

I Wished you.

I Wish you.

I will wish you always.

A very Happy Birthday.


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